Most Valuable Metal Detecting Finds

Has anyone found anything valuable with a Metal Detector?

What a question. In the day and age of the internet that anyone is still asking this question is pretty funny as more and more news floods in about amazing finds being made.Valuable metal detecting finds

We have put together a short list of some of the more valuable metal detecting finds of recent times.

If you are not convinced after this then you never will be.

And if 3 year olds are finding relics valued at 2.5 million Pounds then we should all get out there and try our luck.

Your chances are better than winning the lottery.

This list focuses on valuable relics and coins – but hugely valuable Gold Nuggets are also found.

Read about the largest gold nuggets ever found here (one of these was in 2013!)

Example 1 – 52,000 Roman Coin Hoard Worth $1m

A metal Detector enthusiast named Dave Crisp from Wiltshire in the UK was busy detecting on a farm when he found 21 roman coins. When he dug deeper he found a staggering treasure. A pot weighing 160kg’s containing 52500 Roman coins. Experts say the find is worth around $1 million. This one of the largest metal detector finds in the UK. The hoard is now at British museum in London.   The find is now called the Frome Hoard.

Example 2 – 3 year old James Hyatt finds gold locket potentially worth £2.5 million

If you have luck like this kid then you are blessed. 3 year old James Hyatt found a gold locket worth around £2.5 million virtually on his first time out with his dad.
The gold pendant is said to be from the 16th century with the image of the virgin Mary. The pendant was declared a treasure by the British Museum.
Experts think the exceptional locket, or reliquary, was used to hold alleged parts of Christ’s thorn crown or crucifix.

Example 3 – Amateur With Metal Detector Finds Gold Hoard

55 year old Terry Herbert made a metal detecting discovery that changed the world view of Anglo-Saxon peoples. Officially declared a treasure the Staffordshire Hoard contains 650 gold objects and over 530 silver ones including some inlayed with precious stones. One of the greatest treasures ever discovered and worth a 7 figure sum. One of the most valuable metal detecting finds ever!

We hope you enjoyed this sample of valuable metal detecting finds.

For more South African Metal Detecting Finds have a look at some of our members finds.

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  1. John Wilson says:

    I have owned my metal detector for almost exactly one year. To date I have found 1245 coins, including a roman hoard of 21 silver and bronze coins dating 2nd and 3rd century. An enamelled roman brooch and a roman chariot terret ring.
    Also a diamond set silver ring ( Victorian)
    Two gold wedding rings ( Victorian & Georiian)
    Gold Victorian brooch set with large diamond.
    Medieval period hammered coins , spindle whorls and decorated studs.
    George 3rd gold locket
    Charles 2nd silver medal.
    I have permission to detect on land covering around 20 square miles but if you are thinking of taking up the hobby I say get out there. When you dig your first shiny gold item out of the ground you will never look back.

  2. Techno says:

    I don’t yet own a metal detector but I have firm intentions since I have been reading these wonderful forums. Detectorists seem to be a really interesting group of people.

    I don’t really know our old coins and I would love to know what the buying power of the tikkies, shillings, kruger pound, etc at the time that they were probably lost. I always wonder what loss the farmer, soldier or trekker suffered when they lost that coin.

    I have found the American coin calculator on Whites web site and the gold calculator here is interesting but if anybody knows of a historical site where I can learn what a person could buy for his silver Kruger pound when he lost it, I would love to read that. I feel sorry for their loss because I’m sure the kids could have bought a handful of sweets for a tikkie.

    Happy Hunting.

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