SuperSearch 5000 Walk-Through Detector

SuperSearch 5000 Walk-Through Detector

Designed to be the least restrictive on patrons and a low visibility appeal the Super Search 5000 security Walk-through is a great option where appearance is important. The 5000 has the main difference with the 3000 and 4000 being its not having a top archway. It also has a bridge-piece on the bottom of the unit for cables to pass between the two arches on the ground instead of above through the archway like a conventional walk through. 5 meters of power cables are included and attach at ground level. This unit is designed to be permanently affixed to the floor. Download PDF Brochure.

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Technical Specifications for the Super Search 5000.SuperSearch 5000 Walkthrough Security machine

Again apart for the above differences, like the SS 4000 the 5000 has the same specs as the SS 3000 which include the following:

  • The Super Search 5000 has coils and infared photocells on each side panel of the unit.
  • Change sensitivity to detect different masses of metals.
  • If amount of metal exceeds the setting than an alarm is sounded.
  • Optional additions of remote alarms or a turnstile locking system.
  • Power indicator and fault detection are standard.
  • Operates in both directions of traffic flow.
  • Metal mass indicator.
  • Ferrous and nonferrous metal detection.
  • Not Free Standing. (another difference with the SuperSearch 5000 is its requirement of being permanently fixed to the floor with 10mm bolts. The bridge piece is affixed with 5mm plugs.)  
  • Backup Battery. 
  • Fiberglass body.
  • Modern design and many color options.
  • Auto balancing.
  • Weather Proof top available
  • Power consumption: 5.5 VA
  • Weight: 35 Kilo’s.
  • Supply voltage: 220 / 110 volt . 50 / 60 HZ +- 5%
All items required to install the unit – rawl bolts, screws, masonry drill bits etc are supplied with this unit.

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