Garrett CSI Pro Crime Scene Metal Detector

Garrett CSI Pro Crime Scene Ground Search Metal Detector

The CSI Pro detector is the top of the line high end crome scene metal detector. THis all terrain machine can be used in all conditions, rain, snow, heat and even under water.

Find crime evidence under snow, soil, sand or water, no place is too hard for the CSI Pro.

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Specs and info on the CSI Pro.

CSI PRO metal detector

  • All terrain: operates in all conditions, hot or cold, wet or dry. Waterproof up to 10 feet down.
  • High sensitivity iron discrimination: choose between 40 levels of iron discrimination to get the perfect balance of trash avoidance.
  • Advanced audio: proportional audio and tone roll allows user to pick up minute changes to help identify size, shape, conductivity and depth etc.
  • 0 – 99 target ID scale: easily see what you have located from 0 on the ferrous side to 99 on the non ferrous.
  • Continuous object depth indication.
  • 15 Khz frequency: great for small targets like brass casings.
  • 8 sensitivity levels.
  • 5 x 8 inch DD coil as standard.
  • 1.27 kilograms heavy.
  • 4x AA batteries.
  • Battery condition graphic display.CSI headphones
  • 2 year warranty.

Includes the following accessories:

The CSI Pro is the very same advanced hobby metal detector the AT Pro.

Waterproof evidence recovery detector

The difference is the instrument panel and indicators being customized for evidence recovery.

Choose the best in Crime Scene detectors. Choose the CSI Pro from metal detector SA now.

Contact us for quotes and more information on this great machine.

CSI Pro underwater recovery

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