Metal Detecting a Large Area

How to search a large area with your metal detector.

If your feeling eager and want to cover a large area it is best to plan a pattern that you will walk with your metal detector.  This will prevent you from missing an area or going over the same area twice or missing any section in your search area.Metal Detecting a large area

We recommend a grid pattern. Even if its just in your mind a grid pattern is the way to go. It may be a good idea to sketch out your grid on paper to work out the most optimal way to cover the whole area in the shortest amount of time.

Walking in parallel lines will work well. Walk in a straight line then turn and come back in the opposite direction with a little overlap in you coil sweep.  Continue in this fashion until you have covered a nice large block of your target area.

If you are very meticulous you can even knock some stakes (or things like kebab sticks)  into the ground and connect them with string or even tape some coloured tape to the end of the sticks to help guide your path. This Metal Detecting in a grid patterna technique used by mine sweepers to uncover those nasty buggers.

If you are very meticulous and the area is yielding some good finds you can then go back over the same area but at right angles or diagonally across the area already searched – Very often this yields more great results in good areas.

A Grid pattern is not recommended when “scouting” an area. If you have an area that you are not sure has anything good to find you may want to pass through it quickly in an erratic manner wherever you feel. If one or two good finds pop up and you deem the area to be good then revert to the grid pattern to cover it completely. If you find nothing in your initial scouts of areas it may be best to move on and not waste time covering the area thoroughly.

Metal Detecting on the beach is best done in the following manner. When detecting beneath the high tide mark one can walk in one direction across the beach with the waves breaking a constant distance away from you, then you will return the way you can but slightly further away or closer to the wave breaks. Remember the hot spot for wet sand detecting is where the surf is thin.

As long as you have a good plan in your mind and plenty of commitment you will locate your treasure hordes!

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