Metal Detecting Clubs in South Africa

Metal Detecting Clubs in South Africa

Looking for a Metal Detecting Clubs to Join in South Africa? Look no further.

Welcome to Metal Detector South Africa, a website for all things metal detecting and treasure hunting in South Africa. We are dedicated to speading to fun and enjoyment of this great hobby that is truly addictive!

We have a metal detecting club in South Africa and its free for you to join!

Why would you want to join Metal Detector SA Club?

  1. You will be kept up to date with regards to group hunts in your area that you may want to join.Metal Detecting Clubs South Africa
  2. Share your finds with members of the group.
  3. Meet new people in who share your common interest and love for Metal Detecting.
  4. Get advice and share your knowledge with the team.
  5. It is 100% free membership and we will never disclose your email address or surname without permission.
  6. Also get regular metal detecting South Africa club newsletter

Click here to visit our club page and sign up to join the Metal Detecting Club now.

We hope you enjoy being part of the Metal detector SA Club! and if you have not joined yet…. What are you waiting for?

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A metal detector fan through and through. Metal Detecting in South Africa is the best hobby around. Be sure to leave your comments. Please use the CONTACT US page to request a quote or order and not comments section. Enjoy!

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