Adams Calendar South Africa

Adams Calendar or Enkis Calendar South Africa

The oldest man made structure 0n earth is in South Africa and is Known as Adams Calendar and more recently as Enkis Calendar.Adams Calendar South Africa

The age of Adams Calendar.

The age of this site could be as old as the dawn of Homo Sapiens about 250, 000 years. It is however estimated to be around 75,000 years old.  This was dated by rock art in the area at the time and the movement of the people during this period.

What was Adams Calendar used for?

The calendar was used by ancient human beings as a calendar as the name suggests. They were able to use the movement of the sun and shadow to plot time and a basic calendar.

How Does it work?

Enkis Calendar South Africa

Ancient humans carved an upright stone to have a sharp edge which cast a shadow of the sun onto the flat “Calendar Rock”. The larger “monolith” rock was where these people marked off the days of the week and weeks. The sun stretched perfectly from one side of the flat rock to the other and moved left to right and back again.

Who found Adams Calendar?

Johan Heine – A pilot and fire fighting head for the forests of Mpumalanga South Africans love so much. He spotted this location while searching for a missing colleague. Spotting an unusual arrangement of rocks from the air. Persisted work by Johan eventually caused academics to pay attention.

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